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One Piece (Anime Chapter 651)

Picture is not made by me. I found it on Google ("one piece rebecca and soldier san").
Hello guys!! ^_^
Today I want to talk to you about the new One Piece chapter. If you do not want to be spoiled please stop reading. 
Who: Rebecca, Toy Soldier (I won't talk about her mother)
When: After Doflamingo invaded Dressrosa and forced King Riku to give up his throne.
Where: Dressrosa
What happened: Rebecca and Soldier-san were forced to live somewhere else because Rebecca carries the blood of King Riku. Soldier-san raises her and acts as a father figure. He earns money to buy her food, presents, and clothes. Moreover he teachers her how to fight in case he will not be there when Rebecca is in danger.
My opinion: I really enjoyed watching this chapter because they showed their past. It is really cute how Soldier-san always protects her and earns money to buy her presents. He cares about her a lot as we can see in two scene: For example when the boy throws a ball against Rebecca's head and she starts crying, Soldier-san protects her. When another boy wants to give her a love letter, Soldier-san protects her as well. I also loved the scene when they are buying clothes in the store and he tries on different types of clothes. The panties part is so funny.
Will they join the SH?: I highly doubt that they will join the SH. If Luffy beats Doflamingo and the Dressrosa arc has a happy ending, Soldier-san and Rebecca will finally be able to live together without being in constant danger or without being seperated. I doubt they will think about joining a pirate crew because that would mean to say goodbye from one another. Perhaps King Riku will die in this arc and Rebecca will be his heir? 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this small review. I'm very excited for the next chapter. (๑>ᴗ<๑)


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